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magazine 'Carioca' visits Sao Paulo in 1953

In mid-1953, Carlos Maria, a 'Carioca' journalist took the train and went all the way down to São Paulo to check out the musical scene in that metropolis. Carlos went straight to Radio Record, the most popular radio station in town and met various of the new talents like Neyde Fraga and vocal group Os Demonios da Garoa; met duo 'Brasil Moreno' being rehearsed by Hervé Cordovil the musical director of the radio station; you'll see vocal group Vagalumes do Luar and others at the pages of the magazine below.  

Neyde Fraga & Os Demonios da Garoa on top of the page; Hervé Cordovil rehearses duo Brasil Moreno and members of Vagalumes do Luar.

Radio Record was undoubtedly the most popular radio station in Sao Paulo circa 1953. Carlos Maria pays a visit to the station and is taken along to the outskirts of Sao Paulo, where the crew organized free popular auditions to the populace who did not have the means to see their idols in the flesh unless they were brought to the suburbs.

In 1950, Sao Paulo had a population of 2,200,000 inhabitants and was rapidly catching up with Rio de Janeiro which had at least half-a-million more people than its nearest 'rival'. Rio was fast approaching the 3 million mark with 2,900,000 people.

Sao Paulo had a more 'country' feel than Rio which was more cosmopolitan. In Sao Paulo, country music was really popular as one can see in the photos: Cascatinha & Inhana who had hit Number One with 'India' and their kids' counterpart Ivan & Ivone.

Duos have always been popular in Brazilian country music. Maybe because two-part-harmonies are the soul of this genre. Alvarenga & Ranchinho had been popular for more than 10 years now.   

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