Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Roberto Audi

CLP-11,369 - 'A presença de Roberto Audi' - 1965.

Roberto Audi's dedication note to his best friend Toni Vestane states: reaffirming the best of what there is in my friendship, Roberto Audi, Rio, 21st October 1965. 

The album itself didn't have much for it... it had 3 Portuguese covers of Italian hits that were hot 2 years before. Sergio Endrigo's 'Io che amo solo te' had been #1 in 1964, and so did Gino Paoli's 'Sapore di sale'; 'Aria di neve' had been in an #1 E.P. 

The other tracks were Brazilian middle-of-the-road repertoire and yet another Portuguese cover now from Mr. Alcker Bilk's 'Stranger in the shore' that was given words - as it had been an instrumental hit. Armando Cavalcanti, Fernando Cesar, pianist Ribamar, Sylvio Cesar and other song-writers fill the rest of the album. 

Roberto Audi says goodbye to Leny Eversong on her way to the U.S.A. in 1958
Roberto Audi in Buenos Aires 'Correio da Manhã' 8 October 1960

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