Tuesday, 19 September 2017

JOSÉ LOPES - Nilza Miranda in 1960

when José Lopes recorded 'Oração de amor' which he wrote himself in partnership with Canarinho and Maximiano Parisi little did he know it would shoot up to #1 in a few weeks. 

After 'Oração de amor' became a #1 hit all over Brazil in 1960, 'Revista do Radio' interviewed José Lopes who told his life story in a few paragraphs. 

José Lopes was born on 29 November 1925, in Indaiatuba-SP but his family moved to Salto-SP when he was a small child. He learned how to sculpt in stone from his Portuguese father and he used to sing while working with his hammer and chisel. 

In 1935, when Jose was 10 years old, a music teacher heard him sing a Vicente Celestino tune and offered to teach him music for free. Three years later he debuted at Itú's Radio Convenção. In 1950, his family moved to Sao Paulo. José sang 'Porta aberta' at Radio Cultura's 'Peneira Rodini' and was soon signed as a professional singer. 

Lopes had a stint in Rio having sung at Radio Nacional and Radio Mundial. When Victor Costa opened Radio Nacional in São Paulo, Lopes moved back and started writing songs himself until he hit the big time with 'Oração de amor' his very first recording.  

José Lopes, Leila Silva, Wilson Miranda, José Orlando & Paulo Marquez. All signed to Chantecler.
Carlos Augusto, José Orlando, Orlando Dias, Sergio Murilo, Wilson Miranda & José Lopes

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