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Yeda Maria grew up in a very musical family who used to live in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo. Her younger brother Horacinho was a fine guitarrist.

Yeda recorded first for Copacabana, moved on to Chantecler and then, finally to RCA Victor

Her greatest hit was probably 'O segredo' a cover of Joaquin Prieto's 'Il segreto' originally recorded by Donatella Moretti in Italy. 

Yeda Maria left the musical scene around the time Jovem Guarda (1965) became main-stream for young performers. Yeda died in 2015.

Yeda Maria on the cover of magazine 'SP na TV' - 23 January 1961.

Article about Yeda Maria published at Revista Finesse n. 2 in August 1962. 

'Correio da Manhã' 8 August 1954; Yeda Maria records  her very first platter for Copacabana Records: 'Dia do Papai', a waltz written by Vitor Simon celebrating Father's Day. 

Yeda Maria signs with Chantecler next to Jairo Rodrigues its director. Radiolandia #312, March 1960.
Yeda Maria, Radiolandia #315, May 1960
Radiolandia #316, March 1960Yeda Maria & Leila Silva as advertised at the magazine by Chantecler.
Radiolandia #317 - Alfredo Corleto, Leila Silva, Yeda Maria, director Jairo de Almeida Rodrigues & A&R man Diogo Mulero at the cocktail given by Chantecler to the press. 

11 June 1960 - 'Correio da Manhã' - The Platters, Frankie Avalon & Yeda Maria's EP 'Broto é mesmo assim' released by Chantecler; 2 July 1960 - 'Correio da Manhã' - 'Esquina Sonora' written by Nicodemus & Cia.
12 October 1960 - 'Correio da Manhã' - column 'Cantinho Sonoro' says singer Carlinhos Mafazzoli would marry Yeda Maria before the end of 1960. That probably didn't happen otherwise we would have known about it. 
RCA Victor 1963 release: 80-2530 'Filme triste' (Sad movies make me cry) b/w 'O teu nome' a bolero written by José Lopes-Teixeira Filho. 
LC-6024 'É de amargar' (twist) b/w 'Alguém mentiu' (rock-calypso) released in late 1963.

Radiolandia columnist Theotonio Pavão with the best-selling singles in Sao Paulo in September 1963. As we have not found this recording anywhere we suspect there was a misunderstanding or a misprint.  

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