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Yeda Maria grew up in a very musical family who used to live in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo. Her younger brother Horacinho was a fine guitarrist.

Yeda recorded first for Copacabana, moved on to Chantecler and then, finally to RCA Victor

Her greatest hit was probably 'O segredo' a cover of Joaquin Prieto's 'Il segreto' originally recorded by Donatella Moretti in Italy. 

Yeda Maria left the musical scene around the time Jovem Guarda (1965) became main-stream for young performers. 

Yeda died in 2015.

Yeda Maria on the cover of magazine 'SP na TV' - 23 January 1961.

Article about Yeda Maria published at Revista Finesse n. 2 in August 1962. 

'Correio da Manhã' 8 August 1954; Yeda Maria records  her very first platter for Copacabana Records: 'Dia do Papai', a waltz written by Vitor Simon celebrating Father's Day. 

Yeda Maria signs with Chantecler next to Jairo Rodrigues its director. Radiolandia #312, March 1960.
Yeda Maria, Radiolandia #315, May 1960
Radiolandia #316, March 1960Yeda Maria & Leila Silva as advertised at the magazine by Chantecler.
Radiolandia #317 - Alfredo Corleto, Leila Silva, Yeda Maria, director Jairo de Almeida Rodrigues & A&R man Diogo Mulero at the cocktail given by Chantecler to the press. 

'Correio da Manhã', 11 June 1960. The Platters, Frankie Avalon & Yeda Maria's EP 'Broto é mesmo assim' released by Chantecler. 

RCA Victor 1963 release: 80-2530 'Filme triste' (Sad movies make me cry) b/w 'O teu nome' a bolero written by José Lopes-Teixeira Filho. 

Radiolandia columnist Theotonio Pavão with the best-selling singles in Sao Paulo in September 1963. As we have not found this recording anywhere we suspect there was a misunderstanding or a misprint.  

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