Friday, 16 October 2015

Radio Tupi Sao Paulo 1964-1965

Radio in the 1960s was serious business. To be Number One in the radio ratings meant one would earn a lot of money. Ever since I arrived in Sao Paulo at Christmas 1960 I realized that Radio Bandeirantes was the biggest station in the land. 

I didn't actually have a 'favourite' radio-station. The only programmes I was adamant in not missing were the Hit Parades that were presented on Saturdays and Sundays. 

By 1964, when Italian music ran supreme I used to listen to Bandeirantes, Piratininga, Nacional Paulista, Cultura etc. 

Suddenly, in 1965, Radio Tupi was the new rage. Radio-man Helio Ribeiro was signed as Artistic Director and changed the in a way never imagined. That's when I became a Tupi listener. 

Amilton Fernandes becomes a superstar overnight after he was chosen to portray young doctor Alberto Limonta who was abandoned by his natural mother and raised by a Negro former slave (Mama Dolores) in Felix Caignet's 'El derecho de nacer' (The right to be born) tha was beamed by TV Tupi in 1964-1965. 

read more about this album recorded hurriedly by Copacabana Records to cash in on Amilton Fernandes' exploding popularity:

Jose Parisi, Amilton Fernandes, Guy Lupe & Nathalia Thimberg.

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