Saturday, 22 October 2016


There is a certain place in downtown São Paulo where a few old men & women meet every Tuesday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM to talk about music, films, art and reminisce about their lives in the 1930s, 40s, 50s & 60s.  

Vó Jacy Castro whom I met at one of  Turma do Pateo do Collegio gatherings speaks a piece of her mind at Carnaval 2017 in Rio de Janeiro where she's been living for the past 50 years...
Vó Jacy with a gang of dangerous Communists on a street in Rio de Janeiro in Carnaval 2017.
from l. to r.: Mazolinha (Luiz Eduardo), Roberto Azevedo, Luciano Sorras, Vander Loureiro & Paulo Iabutti. 

Vander Loureiro & Alfredo Esper who is a cousin of radio man Salomão Esper.  
Wanderley & Perola. 
Nenê, Thais Matarazzo & Vander Loureiro on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in 2014.
1950s singer Bianca Bellini & author Thais Matarazoo in 2014
Paraguassú's granddaughter, Isaias & Thais Matarazzo in 2014
Valdir Comegno, Bianca Belini, Thais Matarazzo, Norma Avian, Estherzinha Souza & .... 
Hugo Giovanelli, Norma Avian, Jaime Moura & Carlus Maximus (wearing white) in 2009.
Vander & Paulo Iabutti. 
Roberto Gambardella in 2014. Mr. Gambardella used to own a 2nd-hand record shop called Lomuto Records near Praça da Sé. 
Romeu & Vander. 
Luiz Amorim aka Carlus Maximus & Denise Duran aka Irley Rocha at 'Passatempo Musical' on 19 September 2014. 
from right to left: Cicero, Nenê, Wanderley, Non-identified man & singer Ignacio circa 2013.
at Paulo Iabutti's house at Brooklin Paulista on his yearly 'Passatempo Musical' 24 November 2012

from left to right in the back row: Paulo Iabutti, his sister Nancy Iabutti, Ary, Luiz Roberto aka Mazzolinha, Wanderley, Milton, Roberto Gambardella, Vó Jacy de Castro, Ivany (Manuel's wife), Maria Matarazzo (Thais's mother), Manuel and Luiz Amorim aka Carlus Maximus. 

from left to right in the front row: Cícero, Norma Hauer, Sirlei, Fausto Menito, Thais Matarazzo Cantero, Carlos, João Gouveia & Romeu: Most of these photos were taken by Luciano Sorras.

at Parque da Agua Branca - 17 November 2008; Alberto Augusto Martins aka Nenê, Gabriel Gonzaga, Sirlei, Thais Matarazzo, Mara & Luiz Amorim aka Carlus Maximus
Denise Duran & Carlus Maximus at Pateo on 22nd May 2018.
Seo Nenê aka Sr. Alberto (who turned 91 years old on 21st May 2018) & Luiz Eduardo aka Mazzolinha.
José Raymundo & Denise Duran 
Moisés, Luigi, .... & Claudevan Melo on 22nd May 2018.

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