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DANIEL TAYLOR, music columnist - 1951

Daniel Taylor talks to Dick Farney circa 1950.

Daniel Taylor was a Brazilian journalist who wrote a popular column for weekly 'Carioca' from 1949 up to the magazine's demise in 1955. He had a considerable knowledge of the English language which gave him an edge over the other music reviewers. His column started as 'Jazz, Blues & Swings' to change to a more nationalistic title circa 1951: 'Variedades musicais'.

Daniel could not hide his partiality to Dick Haymes who he thought was the best singer in the world. Here are some examples of how he worked:

What is progressive jazz?
Daniel Taylor educated his readers with precious little explanations about North American pop music.
Glenn Miller-Stan Kenton Fan Club.
Sinatra-Farney F.C.; Fan Club Dick Farney; Perry Como-Eiras F.C.; Woody Herman F.C.; Associação dos Fan Clubs Brasileiros. 
Daniel Taylor kept a network of fan-clubs inter-connected. 
by 1951 'Jazz, Blues & Swings' had changed its name to 'Variedades Musicais' but Daniel Taylor made it sure it would go on as a place to spread the reach of US popular music.
Taylor & 5 other coleagues start a new organization: Brazilian Association of Record Reviewers
from left to right: Sylvio Tulio Cardoso (vice-president); Daniel Taylor (fiscal board); Dan Darley (advertising); Ney Machado (president); Braga Filho (treasurer) & Alberto Manes (secretary) toast the newly-founded Brazilian Association of Record Reviewers - 20 February 1951

Daniel Taylor's column's 2nd Anniversary in June 1951 : it started at 'Carioca' on 30 June 1949. Taylor always true to numbers says it had been 104 weeks of work and dedication to the spread of good music news.
the best acts of 1951; a survey Taylor did asking his readers to vote for the best in their category.

Daniel Taylor on the radio waves of Radio Vera Cruz.
Taylor tells the story of how samba, an underdog got recognition from main-stream radio in Rio. 
Marilia & her brother Henrique Baptista who was director of Radio Vera Cruz. 
Taylor was particularly fond of Dick Farney when it came to Brazilian pop music.
Daniel Taylor was often in the pages of 'Revista do Radio'. They usually were ironic with his partiality to Dick Haymes. Here RR says Daniel would get married in December 1952 and they wondered if Dan sent an invitation to Mr. Haymes. 
Dick Haymes was always present... plus a lot of songs' lyrics...

Peggy Lee's 'Mañana'. 
Daniel translated difficult English words whenever he had a chance. 

27 August 1960 - 'Correio da Manhã' greets Daniel Taylor in his 14th year as a record-reviewer. Taylor started writing for 'Fôlha Carioca' in 1946. 

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