Monday, 17 April 2017

NAZARENO DE BRITO, song-writer - 1955

Nazareno de Brito's portrait by Gerard, Rio. 

Nazareno Fortes de Brito was born on 21st February 1925, in Catumbi, Rio de Janeiro-DF. He followed the military career having been a major at the Brazilian Army. He has written various hits like 'Encantamento', 'Acordes que choram', 'Abandono' and 'Coisas do passado' sung by Angela Maria, 'Neurastênico' which topped the charts with Betinho & his combo, 'Refugio' with Paulo Tito, Dircinha Costa & Luizinho plus 'Sal e pimenta' with Luiz Bandeira.

Nazareno de Brito has written hits in partnership with Fernando Cesar, Newton Ramalho, Betinho, Luiz Claudio and Othon Russo who is his cousin. 

He has just bought an apartment in Fatima, with the money he had saved while serving the Brazilian Army in Europe, during WWII. He has also made some money in the past 2 years through his hits sung by Angela Maria and Betinho. 

'Correio da Manhã', 27 November 1955.

'Correio da Manhã' 8 August 1954; Musica Popular columnist lambasted 'Neurastênico' as unbearable... even though it was the Number One record in the land... 

D.J. Walter Silva aka Pica Pau laughs at Nazareno de Brito on the right in the late 1950s.

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