Sunday, 7 May 2017

VIOLETA FERRAZ at Teatro Carlos Gomes 1951

After years working at Rio de Janeiro’s theatres, comedianne Violeta Ferraz - nee Violeta Vidigal, born on 11 February 1902, in Lisbon, Portugal - teamed up with fellow comedian Spina - nee Antonio Spina, born on 31st January 1916 - and actor impresario David Conde and started up a new musical revue company.

Raimundo Magalhães Junior's ‘Bikini de filó’ (Phylum bikini) premiered on 29 October 1951 at the Alvorada, starring Ferraz & Spina plus new-face Mary Gonçalves who had been launched as a show-girl in Cesar Ladeira’s ‘Café concerto no.5’earlier in the year.

Young actor and chansonier Aniston, from the children theatre and comedian Arnaldo Rios who is midget are also in the cast.

'Correio da Manhã' 28 May 1951. Violeta Ferraz's last job as an employee to Eros Volusia's revue company premiered on 31st May 1951, at Teatro Carlos Gomes.  Luiz Eglezias 'O pudim de ouro' cast boasted of such as Mesquitinha, José Vasconcelos, Israeli actress Bertha Aja, crooner Tito Martini & many others. 

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