Sunday, 1 October 2017

TUPINIQUIM a trophy for TV's best of the year

There was a time in Brazil when the word 'tupiniquim' didn't mean 'something bad'... but 'something really good' besides being the name of the indigenous population the Portuguese met as soon as they 'discovered' Brazil in 1500. 

By the mid-1950s TV Tupi wasn't very happy with TV Record's early Roquette Pinto Award which they thought was lop-sided on Emissoras Unidas favour. Well, TV Tupi decided to create its own yearly Award and gave it the name of Tupiniquim. 

Rio de Janeiro's Radiolandia was invited to the Award giving ceremony in January 1960 and here are some shots of the bash. 

Orchestra conductor Armando Belardi leads Sao Paulo's Theatro Municipal Symphony Orchestra at Tupiniquim gala that awarded TV's best 1959 performers & technicians. 

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