Thursday, 31 March 2016


Some acts suddenly come out of 'nowhere', rule the charts for a couple of years and go back to semi ostracism. That's what happened to Benito di Paula and his piano.

Benito had been singing and playing his piano at night clubs in Rio and Sao Paulo since the mid-1960s. He even had a 'night-club-hit' with 'Retalhos de cetim' that became a favourite with night club patrons but Copacabana refused to record when they first signed Benito. When Copacabana finally recorded 'Retalhos' it went straight to Number One in late 1973. 

By mid 1974 Benito recorded 'Benito di Paula gravado ao vivo' a fake live-album which shot to the top of the Album Charts spawned at least 4 singles and was the best selling album of 1974

Soon after, Benito got his own weekly TV programme on TV Tupi - 'Brasil Som 75' - from which he recorded a second live-album that went to #1 too for a couple of weeks.

And that was about it. By 1976 Benito could not keep up the pace he had created and faded into humdrum.  

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