Thursday, 8 October 2015


Claudia Barroso 
*23 April 1932 in Pirapetinga-MG
+ 9 October 2015 in Fortaleza-CE.
née Amélia Rocha Barroso.

Claudia Barroso in 1971 when she enthralled a whole nation singing at Chacrinha's or Silvio Santos's. 

Claudia Barroso's album for Fermata in 1967. She would still have to wait another 4 years to become 'viral'. In 1971, Claudia became a household name when 'Você mudou demais' went straight to Number One in the charts all over the country. 

Claudia Barroso's 1973 album for Continental.
Claudia at the peak of her career 1972-1973.
Claudia meets Silvana a few months before she died.

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